Commando Noise Terror is Guido Wyss’s solo project, drummer who office in various bands such as : Near Death Condition, Enigmatik, Derrick, Lysergic Sunshine, Convulsif Big Band.

All the instruments, voices & artworks were made by his care.

The sound experience which gets C.N.T. is unique and extrem :
A soft mixture between Gabber, Brutal Death and Progresives grooves.
Ultra fast and technical ryhtmes, inhuman bass and guitar riffs and hatefull voices are the key of the concept.

The recording and the mixing were realized in Grinderstudio and masterised in Iguana-studios (DE) necrophagiste

On stage Guido perform alone with drums and samplers…
The fight in live is a twenty to thirty minutes non stop hear-destruction symphony.
Attack 1 is the first release of a series of 10…
Commando Noise Terror throws its first offensive during its Nepal tour! A live performance for the opening of Vader.

Ready for the ultimate blast?

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